Valentines Recipe – Heart Cookies

I’m going to be completely honest and admit that cookies weren’t my first choice for this Valentines Recipe. I had already attempted churos that resulted in inedible food mixture all down my dressing gown and a ruined pair of oven gloves. So guess what? We’re going to stick to easy Valentines cookies! They are cute though aren’t they!

To make these cute Valentine’s cookies you will need: 

100g Light Brown Sugar
125g Softened Butter
125g Caster Sugar
200g Self Raising Flour
1 Medium Egg
1tsp vanilla extract

50g White Chocolate
Red Food Colouring
Pink Sprinkles

Heat Shaped cookie cutters!

1. Preheat your oven at 180. 

2. 125g Softened Butter, 100g Light Brown Sugar & 125g Caster Sugar.

Mix together your butter and sugars.

3. One medium egg & 1tsp vanilla extract.

Add in your egg and vanilla extract. Using a wooden spoon continue until all the ingredients are completely mixed.

4. 200g Self raising flour

Sift in your self raising flour. It may look very flour-y to begin with but as you continue the look and texture will change.

5. Split your mixture into 12 equally sized balls and flatten. Pop them into the oven for 5 minutes.

6. 50g White Chocolate and Red Food Colouring.

Melt your white chocolate and mix in a small amount of your food colouring to create a light pink colour. Don’t use too much or the chocolate will start to solidify.

7. Remove your cookies from the oven and indent your cookie with a medium sized cookie cutter (don’t push too hard you don’t want to actually cut the cookie.)

Using a smaller one, pop it in the middle and fill the cookie cutter with your chocolate.

8. Pink sprinkles. 

Cover the chocolate with pink sprinkles and slowly remove the cookie cutter. You may also want to sprinkle a few over the rest of the cookie.

9. Place the cookies back in the oven for another 4 minutes.

10.  Remove your cookies and leave them to cool. (If you want, you can use a circular cookie cutter to neaten the edges.)

11. Take a photo and tag me on Instagram!

Enjoy your cookies!


I’m almost glad that my churos failed as otherwise I wouldn’t have made these cute cookies! Yes, they could have been a bit neater, but I’m pleased with them! They definitely won’t last until Valentines Day though…

What are you favourite Valentines recipes?






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    1. Ohh how lovely, you’ll have to save me one haha! I’m looking for some valentines recipes to make!


      1. Haha, I will save you some! I just reblogged a post for a link up party, here on bloglovin, that is celebrating all things Valentine-perhaps you might want to check them out for more recipes and idea!

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