Types of people at Christmas

So it’s Christmas. The tree’s are up, the lights are hung and everyone is filled with Christmas cheer. Okay.. maybe not everyone. I work within a very large team and over the last week I’ve seen that everyone is dealing with Christmas in their own way. I’ve managed to split these people into little groups and without telling them I’ve decided that these are the different types of people at Christmas.

We’ll start with..

types of people at christmas - grinch

The Grinch

They celebrate Christmas, but not yet. Maybe when it gets to midnight on the 24th December, but maybe not at all. They scowl at the ugly Christmas jumpers everyone’s wearing and when the radio starts playing Jingle Bells you don’t want to be near them as they explode with christmas anger.

The Perfectionist

When decorating, every bauble has to be in the correct place. The lights must be hung evenly and each decoration must be viewable from every angle. They’re not a bad person to be around, sometimes they’re super useful. At least you have a magical looking Christmas display afterwards.


The prepared one

Nothing will catch them off-guard. They were purchasing their gifts at the beginning of January and their cards were written by February. They are similar to Santa Claus. They’ve been scouring the shops and internet for Hatchimals and Fingerlings before you even knew what they were.

Also, boxing day? Nope, it doesn’t exist. It’s Prep-day-for-next-christmas. 


The Chef

You want to be best friends with this person. Mince pies, christmas cake, cookies, candy canes, they’ll bake it all. As soon as it hits December their house will smell of christmas goodies. Be aware you may walk into January a little heavier, but you need that extra layer to keep warm right?



The last minute Santa Dash

This is slightly reserved for customers. They dash in 5 minutes before closing on Christmas Eve, snatching whatever gifts remain on the shelf whilst simultaneously asking

‘Why are you still open? It’s CHRISTMAS EVE!’







Last but not least…. The Christmas lover.

Christmas jumpers, reindeer headbands the sound of jingle bells wherever they walk. They definitely don’t need music as they are able to fill any silence with an acapella version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas. The movies started as soon as the trick or treat candy ran out and have been on repeat ever since.


types of people at christmas - elf
Really, there’s nothing wrong with any of these people. I actually see myself as a little of each of them and I think that’s the best way to be.


Which one of these types of people at Christmas are you?









4 thoughts on “Types of people at Christmas

    1. Definitely the best way to be I think. I’m going to admit that sometimes I’m a little bit of a Grinch but that’s mainly when I’m surrounded by screaming children at work haha!


    1. I’m finding that the Grinches are now slowly becoming excited for Christmas! (Especially my husband, better late than never ey? haha!)


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