Sleeping under the Christmas Tree & Smores recipe

In the summer everyone’s sleeping out under the stars. In the winter you see us sleeping under the Christmas Tree lights. Well you do now.



Nothing sounds better than snuggling up together with a blanket the night after decorating for Christmas. Christmas lights, movies and smores.

What more could you want?


My husband did try to get out of it by saying he didn’t want to sleep on the floor, so guess what I did? I dragged our mattress all the way from the bedroom. He did go back on his decision after I told him I bought white hot chocolate, Kerplunk and Smores for our little festive night. Okay.. maybe Kerplunk didn’t completely sway him but he did end up non-stop giggling as all his marbles ran down the helter-skelter.



It was such a lovely night and honestly it will be one of my favourite memories this year. With all the daily stress, it was so nice to just be silly for one night.




Fish and Chips - Sleeping Under The Christmas Tree Sleeping Under The Christmas Tree











Our Smores were super easy to make so we’ll share our little recipe here!


To make our scrumptious Smores you need:

Chocolate chip cookies (2 for each)
Chocolate spread.

1. Preheat your oven to 180.
2. Top one cookie with Marshmallow and the other cookie with chocolate spread. Sandwich them together and pop them in the oven until the marshmallow is soft!



Have you ever slept under the Christmas Tree? What other traditions do you have when decorating your home for Christmas?

(Other than when you sneak in on a late night, I know what goes on!)


6 thoughts on “Sleeping under the Christmas Tree & Smores recipe

    1. You definitely should! Just make sure you have some treats and a Christmas movie! Unfortunately my husband’s not big on Christmas movies so we watched Peter Kay. There’s always next year!


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