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I started my blog last June (It’s nearly been a year can you believe it?) and ever since I’ve been glued to my phone. Whether it’s during my lunch time or when I slump on my sofa after a long day at work I’m always switching between apps. This also means I’m constantly on the search for apps to help with my blog and website and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent way too long scrolling through the app store looking for those perfect photo filters, scheduling app or note taking tools. Well after 11 months I’m finally happy with the group of apps that sit on my homepage and thought I’d share them with you to save you a little (maybe a lot of) time. Here’s my current little collection of the must have apps for bloggers.


You’ve obviously got the blogger starter pack apps; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and all that jazz, so I won’t be including them in my list as they’re a given.



This is only on the list because I have a WordPress blog. If you’re using Blogger, BlogSpot or anything similar just swap that out. It’s definitely handy having WordPress on my phone as it’s super easy to scroll through the reader, or jot down any draft posts on my breaks at work. I used to have notes, notebook and OneNote but never ended up transferring notes over. I just cut out the middle man and now pop all my ideas straight into a draft post. There’s nothing better than opening a draft to find you have everything pretty much written out in bullet points before you start.


This is one of my latest additions. I’ve told myself a million times that I don’t need a preview for my Instagram, well I do. I’m desperately trying to keep to an Instagram theme and have often deleted a photo if it’s got a slightly yellow tint, or just doesn’t look right. This saves all the hassle and lets me have a look before I post it. You can also schedule UNUM to notify you when you need to post, but I don’t use it for this feature.




I’m not going to pretend that you can run your Twitter account through scheduling alone, because you just can’t. I will admit though, that I use Tweetdeck to schedule older blog posts, or my shop posts a couple of times a week. There are many options out there for scheduling Tweets, but TweetDeck is free and super easy to use.

Photoshop Express

As  I mentioned in my previous post – Can I use photographs from the internet? Tips to ensure your blog isn’t breaking the law, it’s always better to take your own photographs for your blog. You don’t need some mega professional camera but you can definitely help your photographs by using a good photo editing app. I use photoshop on my desktop, so the obvious partner for my phone was Photoshop express. You get the option of a few pre-made filters, and then the obvious saturation, exposure, contract etc. I just find it very easy, especially if I want a really quick post to pop up.



This is your other option. It’s okay, but sometimes the filters are a tad over the top/dramatic (although you can change the % of the filter) . It’s just about playing around with what you want your image to look like.



This is probably one of my most used apps on my phone. I create all of my headers and shop promo shots on my desktop but often need them transferred to my phone. Easy answer? Dropbox. It loads as a normal folder on ‘my computer’ and gives you a little symbol to notify you once it’s uploaded. On the phone your files are organised into folders which make it extremely easy to scroll through what you’ve uploaded. It’s so much easier than emailing it to yourself, and the best thing? The starter account is completely free.


What apps do you have on your homepage? I’m always a little bit behind on technology now (boo at getting older!) so I’ve most likely missed something out!

Must have apps for bloggers.




14 thoughts on “Must have Apps for Bloggers

  1. YEES! My life has DEPENDED on my dropbox for the last 5 years! It’s so easy to upload directly from your phone and ensure that your photos and documents are safe. It’s also easy to scroll through and find an old photo you’re looking for!

    1. It’s definitely an underrated app. I started using it at Uni but it just stuck with me!

    1. I’ll admit I spent way too long shuffling my photos around yesterday for them to end up in the exact same position as they started in 😂

    1. Let me know how you like it! At the moment mine’s a bit like a dumping ground. Anything that looks instagram-able gets thrown in there!

  2. Good question! I use Dropbox for almost everything. I really like the WordPress app but don’t use the phone for writing or posting. That question and 19 more are asked in the Older Bloggers Survey. Details on my blog: I would love you and your readers of any age to take part. People are saying it’s fun!

    1. Let me know if you find one you love! They can all be so helpful but I think it’s all about your way of working.

    1. It’s basically just a preview app for your Instagram. Just so you can see what your feed will look like before you post 💕

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