Case of the toy thief & how to encourage crawling

Toris Little Bubble - How to Encourage Crawling Funny Mum Cartoons

The Case Of The Toy Thief
(& How To Encourage Crawling)

1st January 2020

Toris Little Bubble - How to Encourage Crawling Funny Mum Cartoons
Mum’s sat on one side of the room holding a crisp in the air. She’s surrounded by plastic cars, a fluffy pink bunny and our favourite dog in a yellow jacket. On the other side of the room is a baby girl, eager to move, but not too certain of the journey.

The little girl desperately wants the crisp and all the toys that mum has stolen, but she knows crawling is a lot of effort and she’d definitely prefer to do her one armed slide. So the one armed slide it is.

I’ve spent the last month being the toy thief but my little girl is crawling now. Although it does look slightly aggressive, as she lifts one arm and leg up simultaneously. She was really determined to crawl at the beginning. Until realising she could stand and then suddenly crawling was out the window. She continued to manoeuvre herself across the room using her one armed slide and it was was very successful, but her primary focus was still standing.

So she’s now standing. For this little girl the sky is the limit. She’s very much like her dad – if she doesn’t get something in 2 weeks she’s onto the next thing. She rolled and sat at a very early age and I can’t wait to see what else she achieves before she’s 1. (All whilst wishing she wasn’t growing up so fast!)

Next on the list is clapping, but at the moment she really isn’t interested.


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