Mint Aero Rocky Road Recipe

Mint Aero Rocky Road Recipe

Mint Aero has always been one of my favourites, and these Mint Aero Rocky Road treats definitely fill my Christmas chocolate craving. They’re easy to make, no-bake treats that can be served at a party, a movie night, or pop them in your lunch bag for work or school! You can cut them into sizes of your choice, but I will warn you that you’ll probably pick up more than one once you taste how scrumptious they are!


Mint Aero Rocky Road - Recipe


To make these Mint Aero Rocky Road Treats you will need:

Baking tin
250g Milk Chocolate.
80g Golden Syrup
80g Unsalted Butter (softened).
80g Digestive Biscuits
250g Aero balls or bar (chopped)
60g White Chocolate.
Green Food Colouring



Mint Aero Balls crushed


1. Line your baking tin with parchment paper.

2. 250g Milk Chocolate, 80g Golden Syrup, 80g Unsalted Butter.

Half fill a saucepan with water and heat until it begins to boil. Place your chocolate, golden syrup and unsalted butterinto a heat resistant bowl and place on top. Stire until completely melted. Remove the bowl from the top of the saucepan.

3. 80g Digestive Biscuits, 250g Aero Balls.

Whilst your Chocolate from step 1 is cooling, cut your Aero balls in half and place the digestive biscuits into a small sandwich back and SMUSH! (Or just use a rolling pin to ground them into small pieces.)

4. Combine the two mixtures from steps 2 and 3 into a bowl and stir until it becomes stuck together.

5. 60g White Chocolate, Green Food Colouring.

Melt your white chocolate (I just popped it in the microwave for 20 second intervals until fully melted) and add in your food colouring. Dribble this across your Rocky Roads (as below.)

Mint Aero Rocky Road - Recipe

6. Place your Mint Aero Rocky Road mixture onto your baking tray in a large rectangle about an inch tall and pop into the fridge.

7. Once cooled chop your mixture into squares.

8. Take a photo of your Mint Aero Rocky Roads and tag me on Instagram!

9. Eat!

Mint Aero Rocky Road - Recipe


I hope you enjoy making these scrumptious Mint Aero Rocky Road treats! They are so tasty and look amazing. If you’re not a fan of mint you could always pop the original Aero balls in (although I will always stick with the mint!)

What treats have you been making this Christmas?






5 thoughts on “Mint Aero Rocky Road Recipe

    1. It was so yummy! It’s one of those sweets that if you eat one piece you’ll definitely eat the bar, so I try to restrict myself!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! These look delicious, I have been baking crazy on my blog this December but I’ve done nothing with Mint which is weird because it’s my favourite. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely try this!

    1. Same! I’m not usually one for baking at all, but since I started BLOGMAS I was just so tempted to make so many treats! If you try it send me a photo I’d love to see it!

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