Meet Rocky!

This is just a little post to introduce you to the newest member of our family!

Meet little Rocky the hamster.

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You may have seen on my Instagram that we had to say goodbye to my guinea pig Reese last week. He was extremely poorly and although I will forever miss my little best friend it was the best decision to be made for him.

After telling myself over and over again that I didn’t want another pet, the flat was just too quiet and lonely. I’ve had hamsters my whole life so it was an easy decision.

He spent the first day in his new home sleeping like this and already loves his cheese, chocolate drops and cucumber.

I apologise in advance for the amount of hamster photographs that I’ll be posting to my Instagram.

Do you have any pets?




26 thoughts on “Meet Rocky!

    1. He’s defiantly cute. I always forget how small they are until I see a baby hamster! Why don’t you get another one?

  1. So sorry for your loss Tori, that’s so sad. Rocky is adorable and such a great name. He sounds like he has settled in nicely already. I’ve got 2 cats (Simba & Zazu) and a cat who walked in one day and adopted me as his cat mum who I’ve called Aladdin ☺️💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Ohh I saw your post about Aladdin! I think cats definitely tend to adopt you rather than you adopt them. Does he get on with your other kitties?

      1. That’s so true! Yeah, they weren’t sure of him at first but now they seem to have accepted him and all get on 😄 It’s really sweet 💖 xx

    1. It’s always a tough decision but we’ll always do right for our pets 💕

      My neighbour had kittens who always sneak into our communal hall as soon as they open the door! What are their names?

  2. Aw!! I love hamsters, they were the only pet I was allowed as a kid so I’ve had so many of them! Rocky is such a cutie. Sorry to hear about your little piggy. i have a guinea pig myself and I’m dreading when his time comes. I have a dog too and they’re best friends! x


    1. He’s so lovely! He’s still super fast and excitable but I can pick him up really easily now. Ohh what’s your guinea pig called? I love them so much but could never get another.

  3. Sorry for your loss, it’s so horrible losing pets as they’re like part of the family. Rocky is so cute though! I always had hamsters as a child and they’re the sweetest little bundles of joy! xx

    1. It is always tough, especially as it usually comes on so quickly! Rocky is getting so fluffy now. I told myself I’d only get a short haired one this time but I think he has other ideas 😂

  4. Sorry for your loss! Rocky is adorable, and seems like he’s settling in really well. I have no pets at the moment, but would LOVE cats in the future, when my life’s a bit less hectic. 😊

    1. He definitely is settling in. He’s learning that he can guilt trip me into more treats as I’m trying to rush out the door for work! 😂 My husband wants a cat so bad!

  5. Rocky is absolutely adorable. I had a hamster when I was younger and I think they are brilliant pets! x

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