The Lion King – Lyceum Theatre & London Trip

“Do you want to go see The Lion King ?” 


This message was sent to me, in the middle of the night back in October. My friend’s boyfriend was searching for Birthday presents for her and had decided on two tickets to The Lion King in theatre. If you’ve never been to a theatre the tickets are super expensive, so I used all the tricks in my book to try and get out of him paying but in the end it just made it worse and he booked four tickets.

Although I was never going to even out the cost, I definitely did my best. I bought so many sweets you’d think my bag was Mary Poppins’ and I attempted to feed them as many as I could on our journey up to London. From Kinder Eggs to Unicorn Jellys, think of a sweet. I bet you I had it in my bag.

covent gardens in London

meat market, london

It was a Saturday, so London was absolutely packed. Our train had a bus replacement, and we became those awful people who have no idea where they’re going on the tube. In the end we found our way into the beautiful Covent Gardens and made it to the Lyceum Theatre.

lyceum theatre, london, lion king live


They had their eyes on the souvenir brochure and I also bought some cool Lion King cups.  Can you believe they were only £5?! We’re all still using ours on a daily basis, so they were definitely worth the money.


the lion king, lyceum theatre, cup


I’m not going to spoil it too much, but if you’re in or around London definitely go and book tickets! You’re more than likely already tempted but just in case, I’ve popped the trailer below.




What’s your favourite show you’ve seen?

Have you seen The Lion King in theatre?






3 thoughts on “The Lion King – Lyceum Theatre & London Trip

  1. You lucky duck. I regret not going to see this show. It was just so expensive when I visited New York. I think because so many bots were buying all the tickets. My favourite shows were Aladdin and Wicked.

  2. Ohhh I’ve never been to Vegas how was it? London was this cute theatre, but the chairs were so steep that whenever you stood up you definitely felt as if you were going to roll all the way down! It was quite scary.


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