Hotel Cheyenne Review – Disneyland Paris

hotel cheyenne review disneyland paris

We hadn’t even decided we were visiting Disneyland when I came across Hotel Cheyenne. It was perfect, we absolutely love Toy Story (You’ve got a friend in me was our first dance at our wedding) and they were advertising a really good deal if we visited between certain dates. The deal gave us 25% off and free half board. (The offer is currently still on for this summer, so it’s definitely worth checking it out!)

Our plans changed a little as you’ll know from my Disney Diary and we arrived at 8am in the morning expecting to wait until 3pm for check in. Luckily they had a room ready and allowed us to check in over 7 hours early. Which after our travel chaos was so unexpected but much appreciated.

The hotel is themed around Toy Story and Woody, Jessie and Bullseye’s world ‘Woody’s Roundup’. All of the hotel buildings are country and western themed, and they look beautiful.

The room has this beautiful wallpaper border featuring Jessie, Woody and Bullseye and each of the lamps have a little picture of Woody on them.

hotel cheyenne disneyland paris 2018 review

hotel cheyenne disneyland paris 2018 review

I fell in love with this photo in the frame. Half of me wondered if they would miss it, in case it fell into my luggage. I think they’re missing a trick though as I’m sure they’d sell loads if they offered it as a print in the gift shop!

cheyenne hotel disneyland paris 2018 reviewThe Chuck Wagon is the on site restaurant for the Cheyenne. It’s currently going under renovations so I believe there will be more seating when it’s done. (To the right you can see an extra building that isn’t currently accessible.)

hotel cheyenne disneyland paris 2018 review

hotel cheyenne disneyland paris 2018 review

You can book a buffet breakfast or dinner, but be aware if you get your free half board it can become very confusing. You do have to pay extra to eat here (It was only about €7 per person so not too pricy) and we were unable to actually reserve. The desk told us we were unable, but the restaurant said we should have. Make sure you have your credit card handy, as they can’t take cash payment until 10am.

The Chuck Wagon was definitely one of the best places we ate. The morning buffet includes a

‘wide range of sweet (pastries, bread rolls, yoghurts, cereals, fresh fruit, etc.)
Savoury products (deli meats), served with fruit juices and hot beverages’


For dinner you have the option of pizza, chips, salad, chicken and so much more. If you were with your family there’d definitely be something for everyone. You even get the choice of a Cornetto ice cream and donuts for dessert!

hotel cheyenne disneyland paris 2018 review

cheyenne hotel disneyland paris 2018 review

You have the option of walking to the parks along the river, but if you don’t get the chance it’s definitely worth having a stroll around the hotel grounds.

They have a few cute tepees hidden around the back and to the side there’s also a little bridge that takes you to Hotel Santa Fe. Which I will admit looks beautiful at sunset!



Keep an eye out in reception because Mickey and his friends do like to visit!


I absolutely loved this hotel. Even after having a stroll around the Hotel Santa Fe it was nothing compared to this one. (Sorry Hotel Santa Fe!)

Have you stayed on site at Disneyland Paris before?





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  1. This looks like an awesome Disney hotel and I’m loving the Toy Story theme! That wallpaper and picture is so cool and yum, the breakfast buffet sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing Tori, sounds like you had a wonderful time! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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