Toris Little Bubble Of MotherHood - Dressing A Baby - Funny Mum Cartoons Stories

Home Workouts
The Parent Edition

20th April 2020

Toris Little Bubble Of MotherHood - Dressing A Baby - Funny Mum Cartoons Stories

We’re all on lock down and everyone’s promising to do their daily home workout to keep themselves fit and healthy. Yes you could always use your single exercise allowance to go for a run, but why would you when you can do a little keep fit from the comfort and safety of your own home.

There’s so many options, from online Yoga to P.E with Joe but sometimes it’s not as easy to do a few jumping jacks whilst your little one decides your legs are the perfect tunnel.

So let’s take it easy. Thinking about it, we’ve probably already got this home work out thing sorted. 

Let’s break it down, you’ve got:


How many times a day does your little one drop their bottles, toys and dummies? And who’s going to pick it up, because my little girl definitely doesn’t have the whole ‘tidy up’ thing perfected yet. 

Weight Lifting.

I know my little one is extra cuddly, but babies are not light. They’re most likely heavier than a set of weights you’d purchase from your local store and no matter what age they are, they always want to be held. You’ve definitely got this one mastered.


This one’s always a favourite with those home work out videos. They’re easy, they get your blood pumping and are a ‘total-body workout.’ 

If your child is anything like mine, she especially loves spreading her toys out as much as she possibly can. I always think it looks as if she wants to see every single one of her toys at the same time. This however doesn’t make it an easy job for mum when she needs to hop, skip and jump across the room dodging the toys. I mean personally, I don’t want a toy Iggle Piggle impaled into the bottom of my foot.

So really, I think we’ve got the whole ‘Home Workout’ sorted.



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Toris Little Bubble Of MotherHood - Dressing A Baby - Funny Mum Cartoons Stories
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