Free Things To Do In Brighton

I’ve lived in Brighton my whole life and I’m going to admit that I don’t make the most of living here. I spend so much of my time sitting in my home, when there are so many fun things to do and many of them cost absolutely nothing! This year I wanted to get out a little more, so I’ve collected a little list of free things to do in Brighton!


Go on a photo walk

Who doesn’t love taking photos? Pack yourself a little lunch and your camera and just have a stroll around Brighton. There are so many beautiful spots you’re bound to get some amazing photographs!


Have a picnic!

You could even squish this into your photo walk. There’s a beautiful little park called St Annes just outside the centre of Brighton. Early in our relationship we’d spend hours there after college just sitting and talking. Take a few nuts for the squirrels though!


free things to do in brighton - brighton pier

free things to do in brighton - brighton pier


Relax on the pier.

The deck chairs are free and you get the beauty of the coastline. If you want to splash out you can treat yourself to some donuts, but otherwise that nifty picnic you packed above could come in handy!




free things to do in brighton - brighton beach

Artist Quarter. 

Along the seafront there are these cute little artist studios. They pop all their art out for you to view and purchase if you fall in love.

Swim in the sea.

If you’re brave enough, take a dip in the sea. That isn’t a subtle warning that there’s sharks in there, but it can be a bit nippy!

free things to do in brighton - brighton beach

Devil’s Dyke.

Slightly further out you have the beautiful Devil’s Dyke. There’s numerous walking tracks and you could easily spend all day just wandering. There’s a cute little pub at the start of the track too that serve’s the most amazing fish and chips! The 77 bus from Brighton Station takes you straight to Devil’s Dyke.



If you do come to Brighton send me a message! I could be your (awful) tour guide, and we could pack a picnic and stroll around with our cameras.

Have you ever been to Brighton?





Things to do in Brighton


28 thoughts on “Free Things To Do In Brighton

  1. I need to explore more seasides than the 3 or 4 an hour away from me. You’re super lucky to live near the sea I’ve always adored the sea and Brighton looks like a place I need to visit.

    1. I’d love to visit more places, I’m just lucky that I live in such a beautiful city. I’m definitely up for a picnic, although I wouldn’t promise it would be a healthy one! 😂

    1. You should definitely plan a little day trip! These last few days have been so nice (although very busy!) with all the sunshine!

  2. I love living in Brighton! I used to live right opposite st Anne’s and I went there quite a bit. I miss the pier doughnuts which probably aren’t vegan so haven’t had them for years. But who doesn’t love hot sugary donuts! 😋I want to try and do the same thing this year and get out and take more photos here. The beach & so many places are perfect photo ops.
    Siobhan x |

    1. When we met my husband used to live just a couple minutes walk from it! I bet you could make some amazing vegan donuts though, they’d probably taste even better!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous!! It makes me want to go so much 🙂 Even though I live across the other sis of the world, I will make sure to go one day!

    1. Thank you! You definitely should, although it gets super busy when it’s sunny it’s still beautiful! Where abouts do you live?

      1. I live all the way up in Scotland! So it’s a long journey, but I want to explore England more. My family still live there so I have a good excuse to travel down! ☺️

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