World Friend Day – EmiHobden Handmade Crochet

It’s World Friend Day! So obviously I thought I’d do a post about a friend. The friend I have picked is…. drum roll! Emi! Meet Emi. She is a talented crocheter that makes the most adorable little gifts. From blankets to crochet poke balls, whales to little potted crochet cacti.

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She has an Etsy shop that you should check out but she also has her Instagram where she often posts her goodies for sale or little updates on what she’s currently working on.

I’ve known Emi for years and years. Holidays to Blackpool, bowling outings and scavenging the freebies at a Wedding fair has definitely made this friendship.

emi hobden, handmade crochet


Please have a look at her amazing shop and give her some love!

Emi’s info:



6 thoughts on “World Friend Day – EmiHobden Handmade Crochet

    1. She is so talented isn’t she! We’ve decided to do as much craft fairs when she’s back from travelling, we can’t let that talent go to waste!

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