Decorating for Christmas

Whenever I read ‘Decorating for Christmas’ blog posts it’s all about the minimalism and colour co-ordinating. I’m really sorry because my flat isn’t like that. My flat has been created as a full ‘Santa’s Christmas Grotto’ with lights, colours and reindeer everywhere.

In the past we’ve had just the top of the TV unit to decorate, and trust me I have been able to fit a lot of decorations on top of our ikea furniture. This year we have a whole flat though! Unfortunately my husband isn’t one for decorating and helping me put the angel on top of the tree is all I can persuade him to do. The rest of it is my handy work! I hope you enjoy!

Throughout BLOGMAS I’ll share some of the meanings behind our decorations. Until then this post is mainly a little photo album of our festive home! I hope you enjoy it!

Decorating for Christmas - Pink Glittery Minnie Mouse Christmas BaubleDecorating for Christmas - wall-e disney christmas baubleDecorating for Christmas - mockingjay christmas bauble




Decorating for Christmas - Christmas Decorations Gnome

Please don’t bully my Christmas Gnome!

Decorating for Christmas - Christmas Tree Disney Decorating for Christmas - Disney Up House Christmas Decoration




















I’ve always wanted a giant tree but we’ve never had the space. This year.. we still don’t have the space but this is a half tree! I’d never heard of them until I stumbled across them online last year. The back of it is completely flat so you can push it right up against the wall. It looks like a full tree and who decorates the back of their tree anywayI’m in love.


Decorating for Christmas - Christmas Decorations Gnome Train

Decorating for Christmas - Christmas Decorations Light Box


I hope you like my little ‘Decorating for christmas’ blog. I spent a whole day decorating and am so happy with how it turned out! Especially the lights on the ceiling, they make me feel so Christmassy when I snuggle up after work!

Have you decorated your home yet? Please show me photos or link me to your blog/instagram! I absolutely love seeing everyone’s Christmas homes!




10 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas

    1. Hey Molly! I’ve always wanted a Christmas train and it took a little persuasion but my husband finally bought me that this year! We planned to have the track fully complete but underestimated the size of it! It’s fine as a decoration anyway!

    1. Thank you! I know I love that UP house. It’s a lovely room decoration but also has so many memories attached to it.

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