Christmas Traditions

Even though we’ve been together for Nine years, we’ve never spent Christmas together. This means the only Christmas traditions we really had were going to Starbucks and exchanging gifts before he travelled to see his family.


This year he’s stuck with me! So we have some traditions to make! I’ve had a look around and have been thinking for quite a while and here are five christmas traditions we (mostly more I…) would really like to start. Honestly, they really are a mixture between christmas movie scenes and Instagram posts I’ve seen throughout the years. But hey, who doesn’t want to be in their own Christmas movie?


Christmas Eve Jim Jams


Everyone gets new pyjamas on Christmas Eve so why should we miss out! I’ve been searching for the best Chrsitmas Pyjamas since the first decoration hit the shelf and although I haven’t decided on them yet I know the final decision is going to be the most cheesiest, chrsitmassy-est most beautiful pyjamas ever. Then the battle will be to get my husband to actually wear them….


I’ve got my current top 5 choices below let me know which ones we should get!


Christmas Traditions - Christmas Eve Pyjamas


Elf On The Shelf

I know this is primarily for children but I still believe in Christmas Magic so I thought I deserved an Elf. I really regretted not having one last year, so as soon as the Christmas Decorations hit the shelves I had my fingers crossed. Luckily Santa sent us our own little Elf to look after! Meet Elfie…

(@justthebeginningx) on



Christmas Journal

Christmas 2017 I sat down and wrote myself a letter full of my hopes and wishes for the year to come. It’s carefully hidden amongst some decorations but I do remember exactly what I hoped for. This year I’ve bought a nice little book with the aim of adding to it every year. I’ll write a letter and pop in a photograph of us on Christmas day. It will be hidden in the Christmas Tree box ready for year. I just love the idea of opening it every year and reading back through our memories.



Sleeping Under The Christmas Tree


I posted about this on Wednesday. I just love the idea and after a long day of decorating for Christmas, nothing sounds better than snuggling up under a blanket with smores and hot chocolate. Have a look at my post for more fun, festivesness and photos : Sleeping Under The Christmas Tree 


Doctor who and Christmas Treats.

Every Christmas I sit down with my family to watch Doctor Who as it airs. My other half has never seen it live. I don’t even understand. It’s part of christmas day and it will be definitely part of ours. I plan to make some Doctor Who christmas cookies or something similar to snack on whilst we watch the Doctor fight off the worst enemies in the galaxy.

I just have one thing to ask…

There are our 5 traditions we plan to keep. I can’t wait to start some of these christmas traditions.

Do you have any Christmas Traditions or any you want to start?
Will you be watching Doctor Who on Christmas day?
Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

    1. Thank you Sophie! I can’t wait, it will be so lovely to make new memories as a couple this year!

      Are you ready for Christmas?

  1. These are great Christmas traditions! I love the Christmas journal idea so I might have to borrow that one 😉 Now that I have a child I want to start making memories with her and start new traditions. This year we made salt dough ornaments and picked out new jammies to wear on Christmas Eve.


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