Christmas In July

There’s currently a heat wave in England and I’m sat inside in shorts designing Christmas cards. It’s definitely Christmas in July. No, I haven’t just hopped in a Tardis skipping the rest of the year, I’m getting my little shop ready for the festive season.

Christmas fair applications are opening soon and I have my fingers tightly crossed. I love the idea of having my own stall, somewhere to show off all the hard work I’ve been cramming in.

Fleece Navidad Card
christmas in july flamingo christmas sticker

I’m so used to hiding my goals, but I’m putting everything I have into this one. And if it means I give up a good few days of sun, well I think it’s definitely worth it.


How are you spending the English heat wave?





[P.S There’s still two days to enter my giveaway!]

6 thoughts on “Christmas In July

  1. They are so adorable. This is what our Christmas feels like in Australia. Now I have my own place I like to use the aircon and pretend I’m in a cooler climate. We are freezing here now though :s

  2. It’s crazy how quickly the festive season creeps up on you, especially when you are creating your own products! I love the Fleece Navidad design, it’s really cute πŸ™‚ I hope you get a spot in the Christmas fairs!!

    1. I know, it’s definitely going to be here before we know it! I’ve applied to two fairs now so fingers crossed!

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