Gift Wrapping Tips and DIY Christmas Gift Bows

This time of year Instagram and Pinterest are always covered in perfectly wrapped presents sitting under perfectly presented Christmas Trees. I can’t help you with the tree decorating but I am going to share a few of my favourite gift wrapping tips and tricks!


Christmas Gift wrapping tips

Remove price tags and labels.

Before you even get the gift wrap out make sure all price tags and labels have been removed. And once you think you’ve checked… check again. I bought a blanket from Primark and found 3 price tickets on it. Who needs 3 price tickets?!

If it’s one of those awful sticky price tags you can either use a hairdryer for 60 seconds or nail varnish remover to help peel the sticker off. A pencil rubber can always help get that really stubborn sticky residue off afterwards.



Sticky tape preparation.


This sounds so silly but have you ever been wrapping a gift and you’re trying to awkwardly hold the paper shut with one hand and get some sticky tape with the other. (Yes, okay anyone who has one of those nifty tape dispensers can skip this step.) Before wrapping your gift, cut off around 10 sticky tape sections. Stick them to a box, a water bottle or anything else that won’t ruin when you peel it off.




You’re allowed to use super tacky wrapping paper.


You’re searching through Pinterest for wrapping ideas and themes.

Everyone has these perfect gifts wrapped in the most expensive paper.
They’re silver and gold with sparkles and diamonds. Some have decorations attached and mistletoe tied with ribbon.


Christmas Gift wrapping tips


But it’s okay. I may have sparkly paper but it was 25p in the January sale. The rest of my paper is red with Star Wars characters plastered across it. And honestly? My husband would much rather have the Star Wars paper. Christmas is one of the only times you can buy tacky gift wrap with cartoon reindeers and carolling penguins. Make the most of it.



Christmas Gift wrapping tips




You know those awful little bits of scrap wrapping paper you cut off when you’ve overestimated the size of the present? Save them!

You can make some bows to stick on your beautifully wrapped presents that look so cute and cost absolutely nothing!



To make these bows you need –

3 strips of paper 1cm x 15cm
3 strips 1.5cm x 20cm
1 strip 2cm x 6cm


Bring each end of the paper strip to the centre whilst keeping the paper the same side up. As seen in the photograph on the right.)

Make sure the triangles on each side are as tight as possible to allow you to stack your wrapping paper strips.


Do this with every piece and either staple or stick them together starting with the longer strips on the bottom.

Use the last 2cm x 6cm strip and roll it into a circle. Stick in the centre and admire your cute Christmas bow!



Christmas Gift wrapping tips


I hope you liked my little gift wrapping tips and tricks! Are you going to make the bow for your presents?

Do you have any other tips for wrapping your christmas presents?
Let me know, I still have A LOT of presents to wrap!









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