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be fries brighton

I travel through Brighton town centre on my way home from work, and every now and again I meet my husband to grab some food before heading home. A few weeks ago whilst giving each other that ‘food?’ look he explained that a lovely girl had come into his shop advertising their shop: BeFries. We’re always up for trying new places and seeing as it was just down the road we decided to give it a go. (Okay… maybe more I, as he’d already treated himself to it without telling me, sneaky!)

BeFries, Brighton is beautifully decorated. There’s a few seats towards the back (and a handy little sink for washing your hands) but we decided as it was such a lovely day we’d take away and eat them outside.

Advertised as ‘double-cooked and saucy’  their leaflet explains that their fries are

‘peel-ed, hand-cut and daily and double cooked to perfection.’ 

which I guess is their secret to having the best fries in Brighton.

be fries brighton
be fries brighton

Aside from their fries being absolutely amazing, they are also known for their large range of tasty sauces. These include Belgian Mayonnaise, Curry Ketchup and Sambal (Which is my husband’s absolute favourite when mixed with their Samurai sauce.)

You get to pick sauces to go with your order depending on the portion size; with a large fries you get to choose 3 sauces, a medium 2 and a small 1.  Although if you fall in love, these sauces can also be purchased in jars or a gift box.

be fries brighton

Small & 1 sauce – £2.80
Medium & 2 sauces – £3.50
Large & 3 Sauces – £4.00

As you’re heading to the seafront, BeFries, Brighton can be found just down the road from Brighton Clock Tower. (Who doesn’t love having fries on the beach?)

It’s worth keeping an eye on their Instagram as they also host events such as Vegan nights!

Let me know if you visit Brighton! It’s definitely worth popping in to see them.



6 thoughts on “BeFries, Brighton

  1. Ooh I love visiting Brighton so it’s cool to know about new food places to try! I love the sound of enjoying fries on the beach. Curry ketchup sounds unusual but nice! I’d definitely give that one a try. Thanks for sharing your review Tori 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. You should let me know when you’re next down and we’ll venture down to the beach with our fries! Thank you for the lovely comment 💕

    1. They do so many sauces! The other day a large group of friends orders some fries and they offered to do like a little sauce platter so they could try and selection! I’m tempted to try some of their vegan options next time I’m in. If they taste anything similar to their fries I’m sure I’ll be hooked!

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