Baby’s First Words – Dada dada dada

Toris Little Bubble - Of Motherhood - Dada - Babys First Words - Funny Mum Cartoons

Dada dad dada
Baby’s First Words

19th February 2020

Toris Little Bubble - Of Motherhood - Dada - Babys First Words -  Funny Mum Cartoons

First Words. Mama, Dada or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I mean, it’s very unlikely to be the last one but you never know. After all, babies are full of surprises!

When she was tiny tiny, maybe two months old she copied us and said ‘I love you’. It was the cutest thing that made our hearts melt, and since then we’ve been listening intently for the next words she wants to copy.

She said Mama a few days ago, but it was a lone occasion. Now she’s stuck on Dada, Daddy, Dad… anything that definitely isn’t Mama.

Look at mama? Dada.
Holding her Nemo fish? Dada.
Bored? Dada.
Hungry? Dada.

I sit repeating mamamaamaamamamamaamamama until it has no meaning, and she just starts giggling because mum’s making a silly sound. I know Dada is supposed to be much easier for them to say, and really at this age she doesn’t truly know what she’s saying. However it doesn’t stop me keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll decide that she prefers the sound of the word ‘mama’.

I’ll (try to) sit patiently until then and I’ll await the day she says ‘no’ for the first time, as I’ve heard that can be… uh interesting.


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